Contoh Laporan KKL Bahasa Inggris

Postingan ini adalah laporan proposal saya ketika mengikuti kegiatan kuliah kerja lapangan (KKL) selama beberapa hari di lingkup Surabaya dan Yogyakarta. Semoga berguna untuk anda sebagai contoh penyusunan laporan kegiatan anda.



  • Background

CollegeField Work(KKL) is one effortorprogramthatprovides the opportunity forstudentstoestablishtheir potential asaprofessionalteacher, this is doneinorder to set upandimprove thequality ofbeing a teacher. Based on the decision of the senate in 2008 stated that any faculty in Mahasaraswati Denpasar University must hold a College Field Work (KKL) in order to add insight and information. College field Work (KKL) is an intra-curricular activities form which is mandatory for all students Mahasaraswati University as one of the requirements to get a certificate in order to complete the final task in completing education courses in English education and teacher training faculty. CollegeField Work(KKL) is also anactivityrelated to thelecture/learningon campus, butmore likelyondirect observation inthe fieldthatcouldbeobservationsorseekinformation.

Teaching education is not about how to learn the theory or hard skill, but it is also important to develop the character and attitude or soft skill in order to produce a qualified teacher especially in teaching English. Based on that reason, it is very necessary to do a comparison between one university to other universities to improve the quality of study and compare how the education system is applied in each university. This year, KKL is done in Yogyakarta – Surabaya to visit tourist objects and Sanata Dharma (SADAR) Yogyakarta University. This is done considering the English program in Sanata Dharma with a good accreditation. Student participants are able to share about the advantages and disadvantages of each campus toward the hope of a better equation, and the students are motivated to develop themselves.



  • Purpose of the Program

The goals that want to be achieved through the College Field Work (KKL) is an attempt to get the experience and knowledge to the students about the university and tourism objects that were visited to develop scientific insights, ways of thinking and behaving as a prospective undergraduate education. In addition another goal that wanted to be achieved through this KKL is to form a partnership with related parties as one of the efforts to optimize the implementation of Tri Dharma University in the community.


  • Significance of the Program

The benefitsofthe implementation ofthisprogramis to visit theSanata Dharma Universityin particularEnglishlanguageprogramthathasgoodaccreditation, canmotivate the english students in Mahasaraswati Denpasar UniversityasKKLparticipantsto develop theirknowledge, andalsocanimprove thequality of educationto be better. Besidesguidingthepracticealsorequires thatstudents participating inKKLin the English languageduringKKLcandevelopknowledge ofthe languageandislearningindirectly, derivedfromsomeactivityat theSanata Dharma University.

Studentsalsogain experienceout of the areaoncetraveledto seethe outside worldregions. So that studentsarenotdirectlyobtaina varietyof information, in terms ofcustoms-traditions, regional culture, andmanyotherthingsthat supportso thatthedifferencesbetween thevariousregionsto one another. Thereforeweasstudentsneed to be activetogainknowledgeandexperience, which will be usefulin the future. Benefits from the KKL program which done in Yogyakarta and   Surabaya, as follows:

1. KKL participants have additional insight about Sanata Dharma University and tourism objects in the area that visited on KKL.

2. KKL participants were able to apply discipline and responsibility.


3. KKL built a chemistry and togetherness between lecturer to students; moreover, between students to student

4. KKL participants got a lot of friends from other classes because we had placed in same bus. Thus, it can help both; student and lecturer in learning process after the program.





  1. Diary
  1. The first day, on Saturday 29th of June 2013

I was a bit rushed went to campus to gathered with my friend. We gathered early in the morning for praying together at the campus. We put our own coffer in the bus’ luggage, then after all completed we departure from the campus to Gilimanuk harbor. We set off in pretty much member, so we need 8 buses. I got in the bus number 2 or Bus B with a half of my friends in my class, a half from the other class; also two lecturers and one travel leader accompanied us. Approximately for 3 hours we arrived at Rambut Siwi temple in Jembrana regency, Negara distric. We prayed together before continuing our journey to Gilimanuk. During the trip I was joked with my friends on backseat, but the other just slept without speaking because of carsick. Less than one half hour, finally we arrived at Gilimanuk harbor and we were ready to cross.

In the boat we felt very weak, because it was already too afternoon, but we hadn’t got lunch. An hour crossing, finally we arrived at the Ketapang harbor, from Ketapang directly we continued the journey to Grafika restaurant for lunch. We could not be too enjoyed our lunch because of our conditions which were not good; the weather was very hot, besides the food’s taste was not good enough. After finishing lunch we continued our journey to the Blambangan Temple. There we prayed together then we took pictures in front of the temple. It was my first time prayed at Blambangan temple. From there we went on our trip, during the trip we were accompanied by songs, we sang together with friends on the back; However, it was disturbing our friends who took a rest; the travel leader advised us to took a rest, besides our journey was long. Most of us only slept because got of carsick.

Quite a long time, finally we arrived at a Pasir Putih restaurant to have dinner again. This afternoon we didn’t take a bath because the tour guide did not allow us and gave limited time. After an hour, we back to the bus and continued our long journey. On the way, our travel leader explained us a little bit about our plan after arriving in Jogjakarta, and he also explained that we would traverse a coal-fired power plant called Paiton. This is claimed the only one coal-fired power plant in Indonesia which produces 800.000 watt power. The coal-fire is distributed originally from Kalimantan. On the way our bus was trapped in a traffic jam, 3 of my friends use this chance went to the toilet on Pertamina because they got stomachache. I tried to took a rest because I felt very sleepy, but my position was uncomfortable to sleep and it mades my neck ache. it was my first experience slept in the bus.



  1. The second day on Sunday 30th of June 2013

In the morning we arrived at Mekar Sari restaurant in the Solo city. There, we showered and breakfast. When I went to the toilet, it was totally full of people who wanted to take a bath. I am waiting for my chance, when it comes I showered quickly because the water was not clean; besides, I felt really hungry. After showered, I had breakfast together with my friends.

After all of KKL participants finished showering and having breakfast we set off again towards to Istana Keraton Yogyakarta. I actually didn’t really interested to enter the Keraton Yogyakarta, because there were too much “DO NOT” signs and it makes me a bit confused. But I have to enter just to saw, not enjoyed. At there, an Abdi Dalem of Istana Keraton guided us. It is very spacious and consists of many buildings are in use for any activity. I saw many pictures of the King named Hamengku buwono from the first until the last King.

Then we saw many of unique statue and the batik collection there. Actually it was very unique place, but I cannot enjoy it. From Istana Keraton Yogyakarta, we continued our journey to Grafika restaurant for lunch. After that we immediately rushed to the Prambanan temple. During the journey to the temple, our travel leader told the myth about Roro Jonggrang that related with the formation of the temple.

Arriving there, we were guided by a local guide who directly told us that the real myth about Roro Jonggrang is not real. I really interested with one of the local guide at there, the way in which he told us the fact about Prambanan temple was unique and very interesting. He was very funy and he can spoke clearly with some joke on his story.

At the temple, we took lots of photos with friends and lecturers during being around the temple. We also had a chance entered the temple as the temple symbolized of the goddess Sri. Prambanan temple is a Hindu temple in the island of Java.

From Prambanan we went out to a specialty food shop souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta named D’java Bakpia Pathuk. I just bought some foods because the prices of the food were very expensive. I also bought some foods to take home as souvenirs. From there we went to the Numani restaurant for having dinner then after that we went to the hotel where we would stay for two days.

Our hotel is in Gowongan iin, near to Malioboro. I stay at room 108 with Andre, Ragha, Jeje and Yoga. We were comfortable being there. Because we felt really tired we decided not to walk out. We just chatted with my friends while enjoying our togetherness in the short time. Until late of night, finally we decided to back to each room to sleep because the next day our busy schedule had been waiting.


  1. The third day on Monday 1st of July 2013

Our first schedule in the third day was visiting the Sanata Dharma (SADAR) University, Yogyakarta. In the early morning we were ready with black and white clothes completed with our alma mater. However, we did not forget for having breakfast at Gowongan Inn Restaurant. Our trip was escorted by the police so it was quite a day without any obstacles in the road. Then, when we arrived at Sanata Dharma campus, they showed warm greeting to us.

We were invited to the Hall where we would do sharing information. There also we enjoyed some performances that presented by SADAR and our university. After that, we had opportunity to visit their library. We were amazed with the great library, which was very clean and comfortable. There are so many books and complete with sixty computers. The three floor of the library really made ​​us enjoyed being there. Because we were limited by the time so that we just had to visit the library.

From SADAR we went to Orang Utan restaurant for lunch and change our clothes before heading to Borobudur temple. I didn’t climb to the top of Borobudur because my condition was bad, so I just hanging out with my friends, Molo and Deta. I bought some batik clothes for souvenirs. When we enjoyed hunting souvenirs, suddenly the rain comes and we were in hurried back to the bus. We continued our journey to the hotel then enjoying our free time. I didn’t went to Malioboro because of my condition, so I decided to held a little party with some of my friends at the hotel. We request some foods from room service and ate it together at the hotel’s restaurant. It makes our other friends felt Jealous. We played a card game and ringing phone game. We felt just like a kid in a playground; we spent our last night in the hotel. After we felt tired, we back to our own room and took a rest.


  1. The fourth day on Tuesday 2nd of July 2013.

On the fourth, early morning we had finished our breakfast because we would check out from the hotel. After all the items were entered into the bus baggage, we didn’t forget to take photos before leaving the Gowongan inn, Yogyakarta. Today we would take a trip to Surabaya and our journey was quite long. On the bus our travel leader exchanged because of unclear reasons. We didn’t keen to our new travel leader because she spoke too cynic and crossly. During the journey we were playing cards until we arrived at Kurnia Jatim restaurant for lunch. I didn’t take a lunch because the food was not delicious and the place was too dirty. From there we continued our journey. In the evening we having dinner at Gempol Sari restaurant, and continued to a special place in Tanggulangin to shop many souvenirs of leather. There, I just window shopping and didn’t bought anything because the price of the souvenirs was too expensive. Actually, the next schedule was went to Suramadu but it was night and rain, finally we decided not to go there and directly continued our journey to Ketapang. That was our last night slept in the bus. I can sleep easily because I felt tired and very sleepy.


  1. The fifth day on Wednesday 3rd of July 2013.

The fifth days had waited by us because we were very tired and very anxious to get home to lose our tiredness. That day the trip was also quite exhausting; in addition, with the hot weather. Early in the morning we arrived at Grafika restaurant for breakfast, but we arrived too early and we had to wait the food comes. After breakfast we continued our journey to Ketapang. After an hour, finally we arrived at Ketapang harbor. We had to wait for a half hour before crossing to Gilimanuk harbor. After arrived at Gilimanuk, directly we got the bus and very excited to quickly get on campus. We sang and played game card, some of us was slept because they felt tired, but we still played together spent our last time in the bus. Then unnoticed, finally we arrived at the campus. I saw my dad had been waiting for me, so I shouted goodbye to my friend and went home with souvenirs and sweet memories of KKL activities in Yogyakarta- Surabaya.


  1. Academic Atmosphere

From the series of activities in College Work Field of course a lot of experience obtained during visits the Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta. It may be some knowledge of the language, the lectures system and field experiences that can be applied in lectures on our campus. In addition to the advantages of direct observation and know the advantages and disadvantages of each campus so participants can take the positive things potentially in the development of learning and academic achievement.

Also the participants can be motivated to be more active and develop performance proficiency, especially English. Given the tight competition after seeing some of the English proficiency from the Sanata Dharma university. Hopefully English Students in Mahasaraswati University Denpasar further able to develop themselves with the motivation to be able to excel in all areas of both academic and non-academic.


The academic activity of our journey was on 1st of July; we visited Sanata Dharma University Yogjakarta. We arrived at 9 am in the morning and were very welcomed by the student and lecturer of Sanata Dharma. We gathered in the hall in which already prepared by the university. To open the visit, Mr rohandi, the dean of the faculty of teacher training and education of Sanata Dharma gave us a welcoming greets and explained a little bit about the faculty.

The FLA faculty has three campus, the first one in Bantul which we visited already, second one is in Paingan and the last one in Maliboro St. the faculty has 10 study program which in Bantul campus have 5 study program such as: program study of Bahasa Indonesia, Program study of history, program study of social science and program study of elementary school teacher training. In Paingan campus has 4 study programs such as: program study of physic, Biology study program, mathematic studying program and psychology studying program.

The last one in Malioboro, they have a program study of catholicity. On the other hand, we only have two campuses of faculty of teacher training and education; the first one in Kamboja St and second one in Soka st. we also only have 5 study programs such as English department studying program, Biology studying program, History studying program, Bahasa Indonesia studying program and mathematic studying program. We do not have a psychology and catholicity-studying program. In learning process, they have a point system as their requirement to do a thesis test.

The students of Sanata dharma have to fulfill 10 point in certificate form to get an access to final test while we also have a point system in our learning process; however, we have to fulfill 15 points to get a access for thesis. They also have facilities such as library, micro teaching lab, and language lab. Their library is very clean and tidy also very large. It has a lot of books; moreover, we can copy the books and pay it. They will send the copy to our address, which we give after copying; however, in our library, it is not allowed to copy all of the books. Especially thesis example; moreover, in our library the book is not as many as Sanata Dharma collection.

We are allowed to copy only for chapter one and two. They have a SPD subject in which before a lesson, all of the student have to sign a contact and agreement in which if they break the agreement, the lectures have an authority to kick them out the class. In our studying program, we also apply the same rules; however, there is no agreement signing before we start the lesson. The punishment can be applied by the lecturer if the student comes late or the student wears inappropriate cloth.
In student organization, they have Process; a student organization of English department studying program.

They have a lot of program in which they arrange the financial budget at once in the first of tenure. Process also manages the UKM or student organization. In our studying program is also have a student organization called HMPS or English department student organization. HMPS arranges the financial budget in every activity. The UKM is managed by the Rector. HMPS is also hold an activity but we concern in learning and developing student’s English Ability like English master of ceremony competition, English debating competition and English speech competition. The education system of Sanata Dharma and Mahasaraswati Unversity is quite similar; however, there are some differences in doing and applying the learning process. We hope that we can learn and apply the best thing from what we have got from this comparison program.




  • Conclusion

Based on my participation in the College Field Work (KKL), we can conclude that this program aims to increase the knowledge and experience of the students about the university and the tourist objects in Yogyakarta and Surabaya. This program also can improve self-discipline as well as to further enhance the sense of closeness and solidarity between students and lecturers and between student and students in Mahasaraswati Denpasar University especially. The main advantage that we get is we can learn the learning process and education system in another university in Yogyakarta. Learning another education system is very important for the lecturer and the student. By this occasion, we can improve our quality in learning process and can apply the things that we get from this KKL program.

3.2 Suggestion

There are some inconveniences during the trip. Firstly is the meal during the trip. We get same menu from the beginning until the last. It makes us bored. We hope next occasion, it can be considered about the meal. Then, the schedule between restaurant and tourism object is little bit confused. We have to drive around and it makes us tired because we spent a lot of time in the bus. We hope next year, the committee of this program can arrange the schedule briefly for saving the time. Actually the entire thing runs well. We were happy and interested doing this program.


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